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Fail beautifully.

The challenge:

As we deal with high complexity and place high demands on ourselves we tend to strive for predictability and control. But faults and the unexpected are an integral part of our everyday lives.

Improvisation (im-provisus, lat.: un-foreseeable/un-predictable) – hence working with what unfolds at any given moment and to create something out of anything –  offers one distinct advantage: Even in the toughest of situations we remain capable to act.

Our method:

Applied Improvisation for „failing beautifully“ and recognizing the opportunities of the unpredictable.

Only the really courageous make it through `-).

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Ready to jump in at the deep end?

You will find perfect conditions in our 2-day open seminar (German version) on September 17th and October 20th, 2020.

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Our further training range: 

  • Applied/Business Improvisation
  • Leading Change/Change Competence
  • Positive Leadership: Unfolding the full potential
  • Leadership training (based on individual company requirements)
  • Design and facilitation of successful workshops

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