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We support people within and outside of organisations dealing with major changes and accompany them a bit of the way.

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Organisational Development

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

We are convinced that major developments only happen when you are out of your comfort zone. Forward-thinking companies require managers and employees who actively support change and even initiate it themselves.

Dare to take a leap into the future with your team.

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Change Management

Overcoming challenges together.

Change cannot be achieved overnight. We offer you professional support in change management and try to inspire everybody involved.

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Systemic Coaching

Step by step to your solution.

With some questions we sometimes literally go around in circles or feel that we cannot see the wood for the trees. In situations like these coaching is able to support you by winning back your clarity.

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Workshops, trainings & large group events

Exceptional teams require exceptional workshops.

Interactive workshops, trainings and large group events that inspire all participants and provide a meaningful output which is actually put into practice in everyday working life.

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Laboratory for Beautiful Failure

Wanted: For the earliest possible attendance the Laboratory for Beautiful Failure is searching for curious practitioners who want to meet unpredictability, failure and stress with more ease.

Encountering a new approach. Fail beautifully.

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We are featuring Consulting.
Nice to feature you.

At featuring Consulting, we live by the principle of leaving our comfort zone from time to time to ensure our own development. Being open to new ideas and changes and having your own input and ideas are the positive consequences.

This is precisely the principle we want to follow together with managers and their teams in companies and organisations. We are convinced that changes are best implemented when they are developed within the company and shaped by the participants.

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