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Workshops, trainings & large group events

“Targets set, deadlines defined – Successful workshop!”

“Learnt a great deal about the company”

“Excellent moderation”

Our workshops, trainings and large group events:

– Open dialogue between participants and the management and elaborating the defined themes in many different settings.

– Outstanding formats with innovative content and the necessary attention to detail.

– Focus on the important topics and the central theme.

– Exciting mixture of focal points and interactive themes which bring a breath of fresh air to your organisation.

– The participants play an active role and apply their knowledge.

– A professionally conceived and moderated event which participants will remember for a long time to come.

-Analogue, virtual or hybrid – we have the best suited interventions and activities for each format and setting.

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Are you planning a workshop or a large group event and require help with the creative design, implementation or moderation? We would be happy to help you!

Our training range:  (analogue, virtually or hybrid): 

– Laboratory for Beautiful Failure – Experimental field for handling unpredictable situations, failure and stress with more ease

– Applied/Business Improvisation

– Virtual ready trainings (More info here)

– Leading Change/Change Competence

– Positive Leadership: Unfolding the full potential

– Leadership training (based on individual company requirements)

– Design and facilitation of successful workshops

– Seriously working playful (More info here)


You want to start with one of our trainings or are eager to learn more. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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