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Systemic Coaching

With some questions we sometimes literally go around in circles or feel like we cannot see the wood for the trees. In situations like these coaching is able to support you by winning back your clarity.

Coaching is a solution oriented, individually adapted eye-to-eye conversation. Its goal is to broaden your perspective, hence, your options, and to assist you in finding your optimal solution by using specific methods and questions. Together we work on defining your goal and developing matching solution strategies.

„He, who knows his goal, can decide.
He who decides, finds peace.
He who finds peace, is sure.
He who is sure, can think.
He who can think, can improve.”

In coaching Felicia Fuchs accompanies you step by step to your individual solution. She does so by structuring the process and by using specific questions. Here are some examples of questions which can be addressed within a coaching session:

Professional change or reorientation
– Your (new) role as executive
– Examining and elaborating solutions for difficult decisions/challenges
– Preparation of (new) assignments and challenging conversations
Solution of conflicts (with colleagues/other divisions, within the team,…)
– Time Management, coping with stress and finding your individual balance

In a first phone call we will define if Coaching is a suitable method for you and will discuss all details of a coaching session (procedure, general set-up etc.) as well as your preferred coaching setting (face-to-face, virtually, outdoor).

I would be happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you!

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