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Januar 2022

Yippie Yeah. We celebrate six years of featuring Consulting today!

And gratefully look back to six years of wonderful encounters with clients, colleagues, sparring partners, students and companions, to the joy of accompanying workshops, projects, coachings and lectures, to some challenges along the way, an invaluable time-out and even more so parental leave, to lots of support and inspiration by wonderful people, to leaving the known paths and going into the wild with the “Into-the Wild” team, failing (beautifully) and learning (a lot!) and the birth of the Laboratory for Beautiful Failure.

Six years full of adventure, unpredictable turns and – in spite of everything – beautiful developments. Thank you and yippie yeah!

September 2021

New coaching format: After the parental leave!!

Transitions are always exciting and involve lots of different questions. Especially the transition after a parental leave.

Our occupational coaching format “After the parental leave!!” gets to the bottom of all questions related to (re)-entry, juggling different areas of life and creating your own framework.

Dates: 9./30.11.2021, 5-8 p.m. at Geburtshaus Wien, Hietzing

More infos: Geburtshaus Wien

“My brain works differently”: The lab for failing differently at European Forum Alpbach x Frauendomäne.

“My brain works differently thanks to these situative challenges. It’s like training a muscle which hasn’t been used in a while.” This is one of many responses we got at the end of our two hour online session of the lab. And we are just incredibly happy about it. But let’s go back to the start first.

When we got Frauendomäne’s (a platform for female experts) inquiry to take part at European Forum Alpbach’s “The Great Transformation of Entrepreneurship” curated by Frauendomäne we immediately were in.

The session on August 23rd was also a little pre-start after the baby-break for our founder, Felicia Fuchs. Because of this, some new questions had been raised: Will we receive the same positive feedback even after several months of (baby) break? And is the lab still serving its purpose of finding a new approach – to fail beautifully?

We define failing beautifully as accepting that things
won’t always go according to plan, the ability to deal with these situations and to integrate the more than ever existing contradictions of our world with more ease. The laboratory report at the end of the session concluded the following: “Mental barriers have been removed quite easily” or “Letting go, don’t think, just do it”.

Our résumé: A professionally and pleasantly curated programm by Frauendomäne x EFA (thank you!!), wonderful participants and two clear “Yes”  to the previously raised questions of our founder. The lab is highly appreciated, activates underemployed brain areas and serves its purpose: To fail beautifully.

More infos here.

Back again

We are back to business after the baby “break” starting from Sept. 1st on. With lots of breezy, new ideas, joy, obviously much darker circles around the eyes, but no less energy.

We are at your disposal for supporting your projects, workshops, coachings and trainings (like our lab for failing beautifully – “Labor für schönes Scheitern”), both digitally and in presence, and are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

November 2020

We are on a break. A baby break.

We are on a baby break and will be back in business in autumn 2021. We will keep you updated about our restart: Here and via our newsletter (registration here )

Award for innovative teaching at FHWien der WKW 

The “Coaching basics” lecture in the summer term 2020 should have started with a weekend block-course on March, 13th and 14th in a lecture hall. Three days prior to that, on March, 10th, the world turned upside down and 100% distance learning got part of our new reality.

For Steffi Bärmann und Felicia Fuchs it quickly became clear that they wanted to rise to this challenge with lots of creativity and joy of experimenting.

The result: A delightful summer term and ultimately even the award for innovative teaching. Who would have thought that on March, 10th? 😉

On November, 25th 2020 the time had come: The teaching award was awarded in two categories in a great – suited to this unique year – virtual ceremony:

– Category „Innovative teaching concept for a whole lecture“: Steffi Bärmann and Felicia Fuchs
– Category „Separate innovative elements“: Elisabeth Gräf and Roman Kellner

A wonderful award and amazing setting: Flowers, directly brought by a courier, a virtual handover of the award and appreciative laudations.This appreciation is a wonderful closure – of a delightful summer term, an absolutely extraordinary year – and is also a unique highlight before the baby break.

Check out the press release of FHWien der WKW (University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication).

Hybrid and virtual team coachings with Carpacity 

It‘s been a real pleasure working with the Carpacity team – an amazing start-up supporting municipalities and cities with a bold street installation to promote sustainable mobility – in hybrid and virtual teamcoachings during the Impact Hub Vienna RE:WIEN program.

Richard Preißler, Co-Founder and CEO at Carpacity: “The sessions with Felicia Fuchs have been a great enrichment for us as a team, thank you for the wonderful inputs!”

Watch out for these guys and their impact:

We are happy to provide coaching sessions and be part of Impact Hub’s RE:WIEN program, which supports start-ups that are developing new solutions and try to create a positive impact on the city of Vienna. This year, as a premiere, it also includes one-on-one/team coaching sessions to support founders in terms of clarity, focus, development and well-being.

Seriously working playful @ Freiräume Unconference 2020

In playfully-light, virtual sessions the contradiction between serious work and joyful play was aimed to be dissolved and the extraordinary experienced. 

About a year ago featuring founder, Felicia Fuchs, and her colleague, Tina Baumgartner, joined forces in exploring playfulness more deeply and introducing it more and more to the corporate world. To adapt playfully to an ever changing environment has become one of the central abilities of leaders and organisations. This PLAYFULNESS involves letting go, being present and the curious and open-minded exploration of the world.

The result of their mutual journey so far has been the session „Seriously working playful“ at the Freiräume Unconference. With approximately 20 participants per session they were able to interactively explore and experience playful elements on an individual (playful mindset) and organisational level (playful organisation). Extraordinary was the key word for these playful 60 minutes, which participants were able to experience in different settings and reflect on afterwards. As „grande finale“ the participants were able to explore how playful organisations of the future could look like and how already little changes prove to have a tremendous impact.

Some positive responses from our „Seriously Working Playful“-sessions:

„What I took with me: More fun at work is allowed. Thanks a lot to you, two. It’s been amazing!!! :).“

„Great ease, exactly what I needed right now 🙂 Thanks.“

„Sympathy, like never before and additionally this melody which draws the corners of one’s mouth directly upwards – how great that feelings exist! 🙂 

Have we made you curious?

What Pippi Longstocking and Rudi Rennmaus had to do with this session, you may find out in an one-on-one conversation ;).

Special thanks to the whole Freiräume team, especially Gregor Karlinger and Manuela Grundner for the well-designed event, their wonderful support and interest in our „Seriously Working Playful“-session! Looking forward to Freiräume Unconference 2021 already!

October 2020

“I heard it on the radio”: FHWien der WKW teaching award

featuring founder, Felicia Fuchs, and her FHWien colleague, Steffi Bärmann, have been invited to Radio NJoy 91,3 for an interview on the occasion of the yearly awarded FHWien der WKW (University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication) teaching award for their innovative education concept. The result: A pleasant interview on their joint coaching lecture of the summer term 2020.

Felicia Fuchs: “A year ago, though I had the experience and was open minded towards working virtually, I would not have thought that a topic like coaching (focussed on social skills like building up trust and respect) could be implemented a hundred percent virtually. What makes it even nicer is that we were able to transport our coaching lecture with lots of joy and positive experiences and are able to say, “Yes, it is possible.” Being awarded with the FH Wien der WKW teaching award for this educational concept now adds the icing to the cake and is an enormous honor.”

Click here to listen to the interview.

Our cordial congratulations to Elisabeth Graef und Roman Kellner from Wort und Weise for the teaching award for innovative elements (their interview – until minute 5:30 – is highly recommended)! What makes us additionally happy: That the work with improvisation techniques proves to be a successful “secret formula” here as well.

Lab for failing beautifully: Topic Session @ HR Inside Summit 2020

A few insights from the 90-minute topic session about featuring’s Lab for failing beautifully at HR Inside Summit on October 21st, 2020. It was a real pleasure for Felicia Fuchs and featuring network partner, Tina Baumgartner, to facilitate this session.

You may also find the official HR Inside Summit summary about the Lab for failing beautifully topic session on their blog here.

Thanks for the invite and the professional support to the whole HR Inside summit team. Compliments on how you dealt with the current situation, especially the unpredictability and uncontrollable conditions we face right now!

August 2020

Into the Wild – An experiment of organised wilderness

Ahead is where nobody knows one’s way around. Where the accessible trails end, the wilderness starts. Those wanting to design their future instead of being surprised by it, need to leave their well-known comfort zone and start being ‘wild’. With this credo in mind in June 2020 five people went ahead with a new project and celebrated their first virtual campfire on August, 27th, joined by several more, interested peers. Curious to find out more? Click here.

July 2020

Ready to jump in at the deep end?

You can find the perfect conditions in our lab for failing beautifully, which will take place as open format on September 17th and October 20th in Vienna (German version only). It’s possible to book only module I (September 17th). The lab is an experimental field to meet unpredictability, failure and stress with more ease. Two days of easiness, experience and inspiration will lead up to encountering a new approach – failing beautifully.

Wanted are curious practitioners who dare to jump in at the deep end.

More Information and registration here.

March 2020

Challenge accepted: Virtual online training on 24.03.2020, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. (German)

On March, 24th we offer a free online training session “Virtual ready” in German from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

The current environment turns our world (of work) upside down. We need to find our way through this unpredictable situation and adjust instantly to a 100% virtual way of working.

Our offer for you:

– „Virtual Ready“ online trainings for your team

– Facilitation of virtual/hybrid team meetings

We are able to build on several years of experience with virtual meeting and collaboration settings (5-70 participants):

– Introduction and roll-out of virtual meeting tools in an internationally operating construction group

– Design and facilitation of virtual/hybrid team meetings and workshops

– Interactive distance learning lectures at University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication (FH Wien der WKW)

January 2020

4 Years

We celebrated four years of featuring Consulting on January, 7th 2020. And all its ups and downs, excitements, challenges, improvements, setbacks, fun and lessons  – the amazing spin experienced through the last 48 months and all the wonderful partners and companions along the way. Lots of gratitude!! And excitement about what comes next.

December 2016

featuring Consulting goes Instagram

Get an overview of our innovative methods and interactive workshops in organizational development and change management on Instagram.

“Companies of the new generation”

Book contribution of PORR and featuring Consulting

The atlas of new work introduces pioneering examples of successful companies under the title “Unternehmen der nächsten Generation”. This also includes the globally-active PORR construction group. The development of this company under the leadership of Karl-Heinz Strauss (since 2010) is particularly exciting.

Large internal projects with focus on optimisation, efficiency enhancement and the introduction of a cultural change have made the company profitable again and have paved the way for a new world of work. Karl-Heinz Strauss, since 2010 CEO and as member of the syndicate with the Ortner Group majority owner of PORR AG since 2012, has been consistently implementing his vision of a modern construction group ever since.

Felicia Fuchs was Head of Project Management Office within PORR since 2012. As project leader and change manager, she was also responsible for rolling out the “new world of work”. In 2016, she founded the consulting company featuring Consulting with the aim of supporting companies with major changes and helping them to become a continually evolving organisation.

The chapter on PORR, written by Karl-Heinz Strauss and Felicia Fuchs, describes the impressive development of the company and implementation of the new world of work. Learn more about PORR AG and other successful companies in the atlas of new work “Unternehmen der nächsten Generation”.

Are you planning a major change within your company, or are you in the middle of a lengthy process? We would be happy to help you successfully and efficiently implement your project!

Please contact us at

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